Episode 36 – Clash of the Skeprechauns

Another book about Padre Pio, and Irish people putting stickers of him on their cars.
Some fantastic photos of Knock, none of Knock Rock though! with a side discussion on the mechanics of crucifixion.
We now know our galaxy tastes of raspberries (and smells like rum).
Follow the Sarcastic Rover and Chris Hadfield on the twitters!
Gamma ray bursts hitting earth in the 8th century.
That horse meat scandal and that drink driving one too, including the Irish Examiner article and how one of nicest men is Irish media hung up on him. The Dan Carlin podcasts come highly recommended from Rebecca. Ireland to start exporting wind generated power to the UK. Fantastic article about Bad PR and Marsh’s Blog and Twitter.

New Be Reasonable Podcast from the Merseyside Skeptics Society!

And did you notice our flawless segues?

Episode 35 – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Skeprechaun

That Irish anti-gay video: http://youtu.be/I0xOGVw3KJE and a fantastic response: http://youtu.be/wopoEJxFYQw


Episode 34 – The Skeprechaun Before Christmas

NOT Episode 33 as Becca says. Bad Becca, no biscuit!

The Truth behind Spontaneous Combustion


Episode 33 – For Savita

No joke title this time. Please heed the warning at the top of the show if you find any of the topics mentioned upsetting.

We tackle the unfolding news story of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. Here are a few links that we mentioned or where you can find more information: Campaign website Savita’s Laws. How the case is being portrayed in her home country. The document used to assert that Ireland is the 15th safest place to give birth, it is one of the safest place without abortion to give birth based on figures that are now getting a little old. Following on from that, how concern over Irish maternal deaths it not all predicated on this one case. A brief history of birth control and abortion, including references to it as an ancient practice. Some of David-Robert’s Grimes’ articles on these topics can be found here and here. And for “balance” the pro-life organisations referenced in the show, here and here.

Episode 31 – Castle Skeprechaun

Sorry the show notes are so late.. Life got hectic..

On this show we talked about Robert Boyle, the founder of the Royal Society for Science. His early experiments included one with a bird.. and an air pump..

The catholic church starts airing it’s views (again) on Marriage Equality & the First Communion.

Finn & Rebecca fondly remember the Usborne book “The Facts of Life

Rebecca wants you all to know it’s important to remain alkaline and to use cider vinegar.. or something..



Episode 30 – Return of the Son of the Bride of the Skeprechauns (Short Version)

Airdate 17 September 2012.

Episode 29 – Night of the Living Skeprechauns

Airdate 04 September 2012. Rebecca had a bad day… and then started raving about Macs and urinary tract references… We take a moment to ignore all the reproductive madness in the US of A and a more important moment to remember Neil Armstrong. Finn pays tribute to Neil on her own blog. Helen Keen’s “It IS Rocket Science”. The girls like dinosaurs, space and prehistoric flying mammals! Sun is like *super* round. Quick review of Total Recall – one or two minor spoilers? Talk of mummies and tattoos! With a diversion into bog body discussions. Daily Mail reports on Neanderthals speaking. More Autism bull… and see it properly debunked. Science is Delicious tasty tasty recipes. Make Shop in Dublin. Dublin Skeptics in the Pub Facebook group. 1000 influential women speakers (me & Rebecca made the cut… we will speak for food). MSc in Science Communication or a Diploma in Holistic Therapies? Listen to SWAK for the 411 on homeopathy.

Episode 28 – Attack of the Giant Skeprechauns

Airdate 15 August 2012. Welcome to our new home.. This week Finn discussed how research for her application for a Masters in Science Communication lead her to find out things about former constellations (Oh Flamingo.. we hardly knew ye). Which led to Rebecca discussing the naming madness in minerals and stratigraphy… Finn WILL NEVER get a pop culture reference. Rebecca should just stop trying. And yes Bex does know it’s Professor Farnsworth not Professor Frink. The girls start talking about the Mars Rover and Rebecca derails the conversation into Star Trek… and then we get back to Mars. Guardian Science podcast on Mars adventures. We talk meteor showers and spotted slugs. What’s going on in the South Pacific?? GIANT rafts of pumice is what’s going on! No really… From big pumice to big corn. We talk Religion and Ireland… Ken Ham in Belfast from belfastskeptics.com. And Jesus appears in a tree stump. We reference the latest shitstorm. Basically everyone should listen to Mick Nugent. And one more reference to 50 Shades of Grey with some spoilers!

Episode 27 – The Dark Skeprechaun Rises

Airdate 26 July 2012. We gave a shout out to the Dick Turpin Road Show at the start of the show and then we totally geek out about ESOF2012, starting off with the amazing lady who is J.Bell Burnell. The quality of the speakers was superb with people from Jules Hoffman’s talk on immunology to a panel on exoplanets. Mary Robinson and Climate Justice, myths about nuclear power, smoking and GMO with a GMO tangent, oh my! The future archeology of radioactive waste and delicious food chemistry! including note by note food. Science meets art, artefacts and museums. We got to meet up with more Irish bloggers and also met some science journalists, and we talked about the science communication conundrum… Finn also made it to an early morning panel on the science of probiotics, which was kind of interesting. Also… the ultimate science communication physics job in Ireland and a new blogger The Altagonist. And then we talked about that rat jellyfish before we weigh in on the America versus Europe skeptic debate. The girls say “Fascinating” and “Interesting” a lot!