Episode 53 – Dance of the Sugar Plum Skeprechaun

Our last one of 2013? See you guys on the flip side.

Episode 48 – The Age of the Skeprechauns

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Quick cetacean facts from Rebecca. Possible skeptics outing Culture Night and the trip to Science Gallery to the exhibition Illusion, co-curated by Richard Wiseman.
Rebecca was in Oslo and got to see Ida the fossil, Finn goes to Fota and relives a penguin related trauma. 20% of Irish college students are now atheists? While children can still be discriminated against on grounds of religion when it comes to schooling.
Have you heard about the wonder of making water wetter?! Take down here and here.

GOOD FOR YOU! (Youtube)

Episode 47 – The House of Skeprechaun

Stephen once again steps into the breach!

And he talks about what food we might eat on Mars.. then Finn talks about the Impossible Material!! (and dolphins)..and speaking of animals.. Science has found a new one.. (it’s not a chupacabra.. finn is upset).. there’s an app for the large hadron colliderAre we a virus in a computer simulation? And is Voyager one finally leaving the solar system (for like the fourth time)..

And Finn waxes lyrical about the Zoology museum.

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Episode 46 – The Secret of the Skeprechauns

Finn once again makes us jealous with her awesome week: Keith Barry and Peter Turner, Civ VI and the Festival of Curiosity. Ireland to suffer from torandoes (or not…)? (not a Sharknado as discussed on SWAK), not even with Basking Sharks. We go all out on the bees, and identifying bees by their arses and the problems with oranges. And now Ireland officially has (incredibly restrictive) abortion laws. Now Rebecca knows about @ireland (oh and it is “curated”) and you all know about elephant teeth!

Episode 45 – The Flight of the Skeprechauns

Finn regales us with her tails of Convergence and she will be on an upcoming episode of Geeks without God.
Rebecca complains about the heat, as well as the confirmation the power of a good mass and of Ken Ring’s prognostications.
The abortion floodgates have been opened (or not…). One of our senators gets poetic.
Magdalene nuns refuse to contribute to the compensation fund, (the movie if your interested).
And finally some horseplay in Dail (video).

Episode 44 – The Summer of the Skeprechauns

We have the wonderful Stephen (aka @DublinSITP) filling in for Finn who has run away! Sorry for the popping on the track, the mic must have been a bit too close 😛 (Rebecca’s fault).
A discussion of the Great Auk inspired from a Quickie on Skepchick, when museums attack!
The illusive Australian Night Parrot and the weakest Egyptian ghost caught on film!
Little side bar on how to deal with an insect infestation in your museum specimens or in your house…
Kazakhstan decides to literally bury its problems with a warlord and how do museums deal with human remains?

Finishing up with a brief overview of the EWTS Conference here in Dublin, talking about the Declaration and the videos can be found here.

Episode 43 – Skeprechauns in the Water

Little bit of horticultural chit-chat.
The abortion issue rumbles on, with pro-life leaflets been given out to young children in school and out Archbishops continue to weigh in, again, again and again.
Sally Morgan awarded a huge payout from the Daily Mail.
Finn will be at Convergence, coming up soon! Devolves into a conversation about Irish slang and Dave Allen on his introduction to religion (video) and teaching a child how to tell the time (video). Just in case you have not seen the Andrew Wakefield comic.
Rebecca puts forward her two cents on the fluoridation “debate”, all spurred on by an issue of Hotpress.
She schools you on the National Health Federation, fluorosis, cancer rates in Ireland and the public good.
Irish Dental Assosciation Fluoride Supplement publication (PDF).

Episode 42 – The Skeprechauns are alright

The ladies discuss the shockingly nice weather – and its perils!
Rebecca advocates the burkini (kinda…)
Michael Douglas and that statement about HPV, Irish sex education, dentists and dental dams.
Special Report (pdf) from the RCOG implies women should return to the tradition of confinement – criticised here (video), here and here.
All about Finnish baby boxes!
Ireland’s recording of maternal deaths may not be a true reflection of the truth and may soon be very different.
And it turns out the kids are alright (when raised by gay parents).
Is Ireland “Post-Catholic” yet?

Episode 41 – Plan Skeprechaun from Outer Space

Finn has emerged from her study fugue state and tells you about the BONGS (and a recent remix)!
Star Trek inspired 3D printers and tricorders.
It turns in to a digression about microwaves… and eye balls.
Is there anything to be said for a mass? Yes, according to Mid West Radio!
The pathogen that caused An Gorta Mor is sequenced, and the Lumper potato.
Kerrygold ad with with sod of earth and by the way “Who is taking the horse to France?”
And just for your viewing pleasure: Club Orange “First you get the club, then you get the orange“.
High Court case over 5 year old’s vaccination.
The hearing on the proposed abortion legislation, including the claim it might increase young male suicide… and be against human rights (only of the fetus, of course).
And a random news article from the 1960s!

2013-05-16 12.25.14

Oh yes and Ken Ring to lighten the mood 🙂 claims of a scorching Irish summer, ridiculous or sublime?

The Skeptic Awards 2013

Now we are going to engage in a little shameless self promotion.

Last year myself and Finn very much enjoyed the Saturday evening entertainments at QEDcon, including the first ever “Ockhams” or Skeptic Awards. As The Skeprechauns was not long in to it’s revival we didn’t entertain the idea of being mentioned at all but this year is a different barrel of skeptical fish!

If you enjoy our podcast and think it deserves a nomination or a vote, please head to the Skeptic website (http://www.skeptic.org.uk/) and pop us into the Best Podcast catagory. Nominations close on 15th February 2013.

We will be both there in person if anyone is coming along in April – we look forward to seeing you there!