The Skeptic Awards 2014

It’s that time of year again, time for us to engage in a little shameless self promotion.

In 2013 we were short-listed for the award and were delighted with the honour, especially when such a fantastic podcast won Token Skeptic. Although after the rollercoaster of butterflies we suffered that night made us swear not to look for a nomination again, we are just gluttons for punishment!

If you enjoy our podcast and think it deserves a nomination, please head to the Skeptic website ( and pop us into the Best Podcast catagory. Nominations close on 15th February 2014.

Rebecca will be there on the night so if you want to see her squirm – nominate away! 🙂

Episode 54 – Camp Skeprechaun

Quick tribute to an awesome cat, Glitter and how George Hrab’s song Small Comfort (video) helped a lot. Would the Rainbow Bridge be like Cat Heaven in Earthworm Jim?

Finn talks about the idea of orphan drugs and she was going to talk about interviews but then decided against it…

Northern Ireland has a theatrical fail, why, oh why, oh why. All because we get “offended” so we have a chat about the Girl against Fluoride (shudder) and Panti. And then some parental rights, marriage equality and gay rights.

Our computers are haunted! The Postmodernism generator and going a little academically mad.

Episode 53 – Dance of the Sugar Plum Skeprechaun

Our last one of 2013? See you guys on the flip side.

Episode 52 – Skeprechauns: Full Deck

Or Skeprechauns The Reunion!

From space travel (real and fictional), one of us living among the homoeopaths, bellyaching about the Giant’s Causeway and perception of Ireland amongst other skeptics, heart-breaking Mars rovers, and Finn is a better person all round.

Episode 51 – Release the Skeprechauns

SPOILERS for the movie Philomena! You have been warned, you can join us at about 12 minutes to avoid any spoilers.
We talk about women’s health again, as it been one year since the death of Savita and a quick chat about the lay of Irish political landscape.
Gamers have come to the rescue with Foldit. Finn sees faces everywhere – behold sink with a face! (despondent or is it a shocked sink?).
Colonialism determines if you celebrate Hallowe’en – we’re not too sure.
Maori remains repatricated from England, Guernsey and Ireland which leaves to an extended museum-y talk!

Episode 48 – The Age of the Skeprechauns

Now on Stitcher!
Quick cetacean facts from Rebecca. Possible skeptics outing Culture Night and the trip to Science Gallery to the exhibition Illusion, co-curated by Richard Wiseman.
Rebecca was in Oslo and got to see Ida the fossil, Finn goes to Fota and relives a penguin related trauma. 20% of Irish college students are now atheists? While children can still be discriminated against on grounds of religion when it comes to schooling.
Have you heard about the wonder of making water wetter?! Take down here and here.

GOOD FOR YOU! (Youtube)

Episode 47 – The House of Skeprechaun

Stephen once again steps into the breach!

And he talks about what food we might eat on Mars.. then Finn talks about the Impossible Material!! (and dolphins)..and speaking of animals.. Science has found a new one.. (it’s not a chupacabra.. finn is upset).. there’s an app for the large hadron colliderAre we a virus in a computer simulation? And is Voyager one finally leaving the solar system (for like the fourth time)..

And Finn waxes lyrical about the Zoology museum.

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Episode 46 – The Secret of the Skeprechauns

Finn once again makes us jealous with her awesome week: Keith Barry and Peter Turner, Civ VI and the Festival of Curiosity. Ireland to suffer from torandoes (or not…)? (not a Sharknado as discussed on SWAK), not even with Basking Sharks. We go all out on the bees, and identifying bees by their arses and the problems with oranges. And now Ireland officially has (incredibly restrictive) abortion laws. Now Rebecca knows about @ireland (oh and it is “curated”) and you all know about elephant teeth!