Episode 22 – Season of the Skeprechauns

Airdate 20 April 2012. In this week’s podcast Finn has a rant about Homeopathic “treatment” of Autism… or Cease Therapy as it’s called. For real and useful information on autism and resources in Ireland go to Autism Ireland’s website. In an antidote to the woo she also talks about the World Skeptic’s Conference in Berlin (if you can go.. GO!). Rebecca gets all educational and tells us about native (or well maybe not native) animals to Ireland: Red deer, Stoats, Pine Martins, Mink.. and Red Wallabys? As always, Feedback is appreciated. Happy Skeptic-ing

Episode 21 – Voyage of the Skeprechauns

Airdate 02 April 2012. We talk about QED! Ahh the memories… Rebecca talks about Cork Skeptics and that castle. Our T-shirts got endorsed by Richard Saunders and mentioned on the Skeptics with a K podcast. If you too were confused by the title “Voodoo Histories” check him out in the archives of Little Atoms. Check out Hayley’s lake monster adventures. We’re not jealous.. not one little bit. After several scientific tests the skeprechauns discovered that Donuts do help, donuts and coffee… Retired Gardai speak out against the use of psychics. Irish people will shun licence plates with 13 on them next year? Supporters travelling to Euro 2012 should up to date with their vaccines and be aware of other possible infections. There were Skeprechauns on Skeptic Zone. And Finn’s interview with Richard Saunders is in there too at the end**   **Please note that despite extreme provocation I did NOT add a Kylie backing track to that interview

Episode 20 – I Was A Teenage Skeprechaun

Airdate 28 February 2012. Another podcast with so-so sound quality (sorry about that. I will be acquiring a proper headset for the next one – Finn) – and also the return of Rebecca’s squeaky chair! We touched on a lot of topics in surface detail in this one. So bear with me: The Pope has once again declared himself an authority on all things matrimonial.. and if you’re infertile, tough. Oh and he’ll be joining Twitter. There’s clearly a conspiracy going on in the UK to kill off Ian Paisley. First Tony Blair converts to Catholicism and then the Conservatives send Baroness Warsi to Rome! Madness. Finn expresses her absolute bewilderment at this… and the growing attitude to faith and faith schools in the UK. Mr Blick makes his opinion known. Rebecca talks about the School of Philosophy in Dublin. Oh and Finn tries to reassure any American listeners that if needs be we’ll ship the Pill over to the States… never fear, the Skeptics are here. Stuff is happening this year in Dublin cause we’re the European City of Science. The PADDY’S (note the spelling!) Day festival is incorporating science into its theme. There’s a hack day this weekend in DCU. And in July we host the Euroscience Open Forum which looks awesome. Those pesky neutrinos may not have been mutating. In Irish Skeptics news… the next event in Cork and Dublin is on the subject of Nothing, which looks interesting. Rebecca is giving a talk in Cork on the 16th March. We have a new merch shop and a donate button (we’re not above begging). Rebecca is appearing on the Science Calling blog in this week’s discussion on gender. Rebecca is now the proud owner of the Star Trek: TNG board game – with extra VHS! We talk Muppets and gaming (Finn runs a gaming group in Dublin). And yes we do refer to loading games from cassettes… possibly onto Commodore 64…  and we fan girl over other podcasts (RI is back! w00t!) and Kevin Smith… Finally, here’s the British Isles explained.

Episode 19 – This Time It’s Skeprechaunal

Airdate 08 February 2012. In this week’s podcast we discuss Tony Humphries and THAT article about autism. Rebecca waxes lyrical about the Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast where she discovered these interesting little items: Valkee Earbuds. Finn talks about her reaction to seeing After-Biotics in the local chemist… also it turns out Inulin is a form of polysaccaride! Finn also scrambles to remember about a story she’d read regarding the appendix being a storage locker for your friendly bacteria… It turns out that the story exists! Raw milk? Should it be allowed? Should the girls continue to ramble on about their farming past..? these questions and more are discussed… But only YOU can decide. Also… it turns out that us ladies heart Gerry Daly. Our next event will be a talk by Dr David-Robert Grimes – who’s blog is nominated for the Skeptical Awards 2012. And other news: Dublin’s Science Gallery has a new exhibition – Edible. And Dublin City of Science 2012 has started up with a monthly #tweetup… Rebecca’s new Mug

Episode 18 – Dawn of the Skeprechauns

Airdate 27 January 2012. In this week’s episode of The Skeprechauns’: We talk about the Celtic Curse, homeopathic treatment for burns and plants (Agro-Homeopathy is NOT aggressive application of water). Also Finn gave a quick update on the HPV vaccine and Oral Cancer. In Irish news the Stop SOPA Ireland Campaign kicked off this week with a vengeance, while Hacktivists all over Europe ramped up the campaign against ACTA. The ladies also discussed how it might be wise to be skeptical of breaking news stories such as the early reporting of blame in the Costa Concordia sinking and focusing on one notable criminal in Operation Trace. This week Irish people as far south as sunny Laois got a chance to see the Northern Lights (at least when there was a break in cloud cover)… And how many times does Rebecca say “yeah it’s interesting…”?! Answer – far too many!

Episode 17 – Skeprechaun by Name, Skeprechaun by Nature

Airdate 17 January 2012. A slow week in Skeptical news – so very chatty this week folks, with bit of a review of the year. Making science compulsory in schools. Jim Corr the wonder that he is. The Ancient Doctrine of Signatures. Scientific skepticism versus Humanities-based skepticism? Gender discussions in the skeptical community and beyond. Rick Santorum – what is with him? BBC Top Women of 2011 includes the entry of a panda. Increase in Irish UFO sightings. And did you realise – Ireland (and Finn) has Netflix?

Episode 16 – A Very Skeprechaunal Xmas

Airdate 28 December 2011 …and a Skeprechaunal New Year.

Episode 15 – In Skeprechauns We Trust

Airdate 13 December 2011. Sorry for the delay this week, Bex’s computer had a meltdown during the week. That fan noise is her Mac – sorry about that, might be linked to the meltdown. Ladies are joined by the wonderful Patrick from the Belfast Skeptics. Cannabis from a skeptical standpoint. Scibernia on drug abuse. Rick Perry and that ad (video).  Lilt is not vegetarian because of fish gelatine?! Blargh! Dan Carlin Common Sense on American politics. Thinking Allowed podcast – very interesting discussion show. Group fighting against civil partnerships in Ireland. Nuns and the pill. Lads Mags research. Post modernism Grace Jones picture. What did you want to be when you were little? The girls betray their agricultural backgrounds! The Valley of the Workers. The Skeptixx new blog, UK She Talks and Women On Air IE. The Leprechaun Hunters!! Big thanks to Zeyus for the music!

Episode 14 – Skeprechauns in da Hood

Airdate 24 November 2011. The girls have a rant, well more of a rant than usual… and turns out Rebecca can’t count – who knew?! Finn’s health update (probably needs its own theme music too!). Easter Island’s giant heads have giant bodies? Cardinal Sean Brady harking back to the good days of Ireland, which according to him was the 1950s. Chicken pox vaccine and the Catholic Church. Irish Times on assisted reproductive rights. WITS some very cool books, Stars Shells and Bluebells and Labcoats and Lace. The poppy and the lily. Letters of note. Cuddly Higgs Boson. Maria Daly’s Science Calling. Google Plus group Dublin Skeptics Group.

Episode 13 – Curse of the Skeprechauns’ Tomb

Airdate 10 November 2011. Today was the 7th of November –  Marie Curie’s birthday! Radioactive notebooks. Baby Woolly Mammoths make Rebecca sad. Stephens Island Wren and its fate. Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) video. Bigfoot hunters get it wrong again (possibly, probably, definitely maybe). Nepalese regulations for Yeti hunting. Lion taking in the English air in Shepley. New island in the Canary Islands thanks to Volcano Hierro. How Stuff works. History Podcast all about Hawaii. Men walk aggressive dogs, or is it the other way around? Asteroid nears Earth, Earth says “Hello” to be blanked by asteroid. The Irish Punt (Pound) just to clarify Rebecca was not saying something else! Pox pops… shudder! The White House and aliens, or the lack there of. The Viking Sunstone – Iceland Spar. The demise of the Mars magnetic field. New planet forming spotted from Hawaii. Irish Vatican Embassy closed, no hidden meaning… really, no really! Ferrero Rocher – “Excellente!”. Rebecca on Invisible Sky Monster Episode 2. Chivalry is dead, abuse directed at female bloggers abounds?