Episode 33 – For Savita

No joke title this time. Please heed the warning at the top of the show if you find any of the topics mentioned upsetting.

We tackle the unfolding news story of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. Here are a few links that we mentioned or where you can find more information: Campaign website Savita’s Laws. How the case is being portrayed in her home country. The document used to assert that Ireland is the 15th safest place to give birth, it is one of the safest place without abortion to give birth based on figures that are now getting a little old. Following on from that, how concern over Irish maternal deaths it not all predicated on this one case. A brief history of birth control and abortion, including references to it as an ancient practice. Some of David-Robert’s Grimes’ articles on these topics can be found here and here. And for “balance” the pro-life organisations referenced in the show, here and here.