Episode 45 – The Flight of the Skeprechauns

Finn regales us with her tails of Convergence and she will be on an upcoming episode of Geeks without God.
Rebecca complains about the heat, as well as the confirmation the power of a good mass and of Ken Ring’s prognostications.
The abortion floodgates have been opened (or not…). One of our senators gets poetic.
Magdalene nuns refuse to contribute to the compensation fund, (the movie if your interested).
And finally some horseplay in Dail (video).

Episode 44 – The Summer of the Skeprechauns

We have the wonderful Stephen (aka @DublinSITP) filling in for Finn who has run away! Sorry for the popping on the track, the mic must have been a bit too close 😛 (Rebecca’s fault).
A discussion of the Great Auk inspired from a Quickie on Skepchick, when museums attack!
The illusive Australian Night Parrot and the weakest Egyptian ghost caught on film!
Little side bar on how to deal with an insect infestation in your museum specimens or in your house…
Kazakhstan decides to literally bury its problems with a warlord and how do museums deal with human remains?

Finishing up with a brief overview of the EWTS Conference here in Dublin, talking about the Declaration and the videos can be found here.