Episode 47 – The House of Skeprechaun

Stephen once again steps into the breach!

And he talks about what food we might eat on Mars.. then Finn talks about the Impossible Material!! (and dolphins)..and speaking of animals.. Science has found a new one.. (it’s not a chupacabra.. finn is upset).. there’s an app for the large hadron colliderAre we a virus in a computer simulation? And is Voyager one finally leaving the solar system (for like the fourth time)..

And Finn waxes lyrical about the Zoology museum.

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Unicorn (narwhal) horn

Episode 46 – The Secret of the Skeprechauns

Finn once again makes us jealous with her awesome week: Keith Barry and Peter Turner, Civ VI and the Festival of Curiosity. Ireland to suffer from torandoes (or not…)? (not a Sharknado as discussed on SWAK), not even with Basking Sharks. We go all out on the bees, and identifying bees by their arses and the problems with oranges. And now Ireland officially has (incredibly restrictive) abortion laws. Now Rebecca knows about @ireland (oh and it is “curated”) and you all know about elephant teeth!