Episode 52 – Skeprechauns: Full Deck

Or Skeprechauns The Reunion!

From space travel (real and fictional), one of us living among the homoeopaths, bellyaching about the Giant’s Causeway and perception of Ireland amongst other skeptics, heart-breaking Mars rovers, and Finn is a better person all round.

Episode 51 – Release the Skeprechauns

SPOILERS for the movie Philomena! You have been warned, you can join us at about 12 minutes to avoid any spoilers.
We talk about women’s health again, as it been one year since the death of Savita and a quick chat about the lay of Irish political landscape.
Gamers have come to the rescue with Foldit. Finn sees faces everywhere – behold sink with a face! (despondent or is it a shocked sink?).
Colonialism determines if you celebrate Hallowe’en – we’re not too sure.
Maori remains repatricated from England, Guernsey and Ireland which leaves to an extended museum-y talk!