Episode 32 – These Are Not The Skeprechauns You Are Looking For

2 thoughts on “Episode 32 – These Are Not The Skeprechauns You Are Looking For

  1. the badger cull is an emotive issue which bad/underfunded science is not helping. the division between town and country folk also does not help. those that want cute furry animals and those that want to maximise the value of their cattle. if we are to allow a cull i want a bit more evidence than the current weak science.

    there is the possibility of a vaccine mentioned every now and again. using a vaccine effectively wouldn’t hurt public preception of technology when so many listen to anti vaccine eejits.

    then again ireland had rabies till a cull of stray dogs at the end of the 19th century. if a cull is necessary then it might ultimately improve the health of the badger population too.

    and gay male donors who have ever had sexual contact are banned for life from donating blood in ireland. an outdated policy that has resisted all attempts at those who have tried to get it lifted.

  2. I don’t know where you’re doing your masters but if it’s TCD you should have access to Nature articles. You need to log in to the online journal through the library (search for the journal and then select the electronic resource. It will ask you for your log-in details and you’ll then have full access to the articles).

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