Episode 36 – Clash of the Skeprechauns

Another book about Padre Pio, and Irish people putting stickers of him on their cars.
Some fantastic photos of Knock, none of Knock Rock though! with a side discussion on the mechanics of crucifixion.
We now know our galaxy tastes of raspberries (and smells like rum).
Follow the Sarcastic Rover and Chris Hadfield on the twitters!
Gamma ray bursts hitting earth in the 8th century.
That horse meat scandal and that drink driving one too, including the Irish Examiner article and how one of nicest men is Irish media hung up on him. The Dan Carlin podcasts come highly recommended from Rebecca. Ireland to start exporting wind generated power to the UK. Fantastic article about Bad PR and Marsh’s Blog and Twitter.

New Be Reasonable Podcast from the Merseyside Skeptics Society!

And did you notice our flawless segues?

6 thoughts on “Episode 36 – Clash of the Skeprechauns

  1. During crucifixion the person would alternately try to support themselves with their legs and arms. The legs were tied so their feet were almost under their butt. When their legs got tired or cramped up they would shift to their arms, and so on. To hasten death the Romans would break the shin bones with an iron bar so the legs could no longer give the arms a rest and they would asphyxiate!

  2. Gamma ray bursts were first detected by the nuclear detonation detecting satellites but since gamma ray bursts could not be confused with the distinctive double flash of an exploding nuclear bomb the detections were filed away for several years as an interesting anomaly but not worth worrying about.

    However, one nuke detecting satellite did detect a nuclear explosion of unknown origin in what has become known as the
    Vela Incident.

  3. Over here in Switzerland we did actually hear the story about your horse meat hamburgers. And a lot of us were quite astonished that you don’t like horse meat because it tastes great and we buy it in the supermarkets.
    The Swiss society is divided into two groups. The ones who ride horses and the ones who eat them. (With a small gray area containing the people who are married to people who ride horses.) I belong to the second group. I ride bicycles and eat horses. For some reason it didn’t appeal to me to keep things the other way round. And I belong to the people who think horse is tastier than beef.
    So consider yourself lucky: they made your hamburgers taste better 😉

    • Thanks for letting us know that the story has gone “worldwide” – when that is said in Ireland you’re never sure how accurate it is.
      Many commenters have said that it wasn’t the concept of eating horse per se (although Irish and British people seem to be culturally against the idea), it was the fact that it was sold and labelled as beef. It is interesting that the same issue with DNA testing of fish in chip shops across Dublin showing that many fish being sold as cod, ray etc were not did not inspire such an outrage. Funny that fish are fish regardless but not all quadrupedal mammals are equal!

  4. The thing about the road lined with thousands of crucified men? That would be the end of the Spartacus rebellion, down in southern Italy. (Not the only mass crucifixion in Roman history, but the most famous.)

    (Oh, and crucifixion is bad enough. Being *impaled* on a cross doesn’t bear thinking about. I know what you meant, but I winced every time…) #pedant #canthelpit

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