Episode 38 – Beware the Skeprechauns of March

Spunout.ie (general life advice for 16-25 year olds) is it today’s Just 17?
Irish government wants working mothers using expensive childcare to quit their jobs.
Dublin Skeptics events coming up on Neil Denny on 6th April and Richard Saunders on 10th April. The Lacks family are not consulted about the use of HeLa… again!
Atheist shoes, yes we said atheist shoes. The first tablet for women, oh yes, it is fail-ful.
Commodore 64 Trivial Pursuit (video) Рgood times! Two-headed shark, oh yes.
New pope anyone, a small amount of papal apologetics (just a little bit).
Check out Rebecca on InKredulous Episode 19 and 19.5! And finally some reasons as to why we disappeared for most of March.

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