Episode 39 – Won’t Someone Please Think of the Skeprechauns?

***There is particular bad language in this episode that some people might find offensive***
Brendan O’Neill nearly causes Robin Ince to have a stroke at QED
In the conversation between Robin Ince and Dawkins, Robin was a touch more interesting
We debate chocolate for a little bit and fan girl over Natalie Haynes.
Crashed landed back to earth in Ireland to good news about Marriage Equality, not such good news about any abortion legislation however.
We talk about the difficulties in changing conservative ideas minds about abortion in Ireland (or gun regulation in America?) with added added advice from the National Right to Life Committee.

2 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Won’t Someone Please Think of the Skeprechauns?

  1. I really like word cunt. I don’t know why exactly but I like how it sounds. It’s word with attitude.

    Finland has civil unions for same sex couples but it’s not equal with unions between different sexes (like adoption right). Recently we had voting if marriage equality initiative should be taken to parliament hearing and voting. Unfortunately result was no (8 yes and 9 no). Very disappointing. But all hope is not lost. Some awesome peeps made a citizen initiative to get the this whole thing in order. (To get citizen initiative in parliament it needs 50 000 signatures, whole another thing obv is what parliament will do. They are atm trying to decide what to do with banning the fur farming initiative which got ~70 000 signatures). Anyway the marriage equality initiative has atm over 150 000 signatures. I will feel well fucking disappointed and embarrassed if we don’t get this law thru.

    and then bit of TMI: I have tuberculosis vaccination scar in my butt.

  2. Another great show! I wish I had attended the Natalie Haynes talk, I think that was the one bad choice I made.

    Not sure why, but I always find it interesting when you discuss the issues women have in Ireland. I just wish the laws would change and leave you nothing to talk about in that regard.

    Also, it was nice meeting you at QED. Glad you both had a good time, they put on a great Con!

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