Episode 40 – Rise of the Skeprechauns


Hello to any one who has joined us from the Skeptic Zone.
Finn was *super* tired so cut her some slack! <note from Finn: super super ridiculously tired>
The girls find a funeral a fascinating talking point, wow…(they changed the words!!)
Cardinal Sean Brady gets up in the face of the government and the will of the Irish people to legislate for legal abortion and Enda Kenny delivers a smack down.
Rebecca completely derails the conversation by talking about 1916 and women.
And quickly gets back on track by talking about White Tailed Eagles being re-introduced in Ireland.
Rebecca schools you on the Oak Processionary Moth.
A prize for the person who counts the amount of time Rebecca says “predate on”*
*not really, but she does say it a lot…

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