Episode 41 – Plan Skeprechaun from Outer Space

Finn has emerged from her study fugue state and tells you about the BONGS (and a recent remix)!
Star Trek inspired 3D printers and tricorders.
It turns in to a digression about microwaves… and eye balls.
Is there anything to be said for a mass? Yes, according to Mid West Radio!
The pathogen that caused An Gorta Mor is sequenced, and the Lumper potato.
Kerrygold ad with with sod of earth and by the way “Who is taking the horse to France?”
And just for your viewing pleasure: Club Orange “First you get the club, then you get the orange“.
High Court case over 5 year old’s vaccination.
The hearing on the proposed abortion legislation, including the claim it might increase young male suicide… and be against human rights (only of the fetus, of course).
And a random news article from the 1960s!

2013-05-16 12.25.14

Oh yes and Ken Ring to lighten the mood 🙂 claims of a scorching Irish summer, ridiculous or sublime?

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