Episode 42 – The Skeprechauns are alright

The ladies discuss the shockingly nice weather – and its perils!
Rebecca advocates the burkini (kinda…)
Michael Douglas and that statement about HPV, Irish sex education, dentists and dental dams.
Special Report (pdf) from the RCOG implies women should return to the tradition of confinement – criticised here (video), here and here.
All about Finnish baby boxes!
Ireland’s recording of maternal deaths may not be a true reflection of the truth and may soon be very different.
And it turns out the kids are alright (when raised by gay parents).
Is Ireland “Post-Catholic” yet?

2 thoughts on “Episode 42 – The Skeprechauns are alright

  1. Hi Rebecca and Finn, love the podcast as it gives me a taste of home that is often more informative than the news I get from phoneing/skyping home. Anyway just thought I would comment regarding the Finnish box and all the extra benifits having a child in Finland offers. My wife is Finnish and when our Son was born in 2010, we naturally took the ‘Box,’ it really is as good as it sounds and indeed our Son did sleep in it for the first year of his life. But there are other things not mentioned in the BBC article that I thought you might find interesting, for instance, my wife was fully entitled to take 3 years off work without fear of losing her job, when our Son was born. The State social welfare system ‘Kela’ pays her during this time (on a descending scale, the longer she taks off). In our case my wife returned to work after one year on Maternity leave but she could also have went back part time if she wanted. I would get 9 weeks paternity leave now, but back in 2010 I had something called ‘Daddys Month’ to be taken anytime in first year of babys birth and of course two weeks when the baby was born, so it has actually increased. And with 5 weeks normal holidays men can be off over 3 months if they want. Anyway, it’s better than just the ‘box’ here in Finland. Ok have a good one and keep up the good podcast work!

    • Hey, Thanks for letting us know how the system works in Finland. I am now suitably jealous. My cousin’s wife -also finnish – has just had a baby out there. I’m curious what’s in this year’s box.. I must ask.

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