Episode 43 – Skeprechauns in the Water

Little bit of horticultural chit-chat.
The abortion issue rumbles on, with pro-life leaflets been given out to young children in school and out Archbishops continue to weigh in, again, again and again.
Sally Morgan awarded a huge payout from the Daily Mail.
Finn will be at Convergence, coming up soon! Devolves into a conversation about Irish slang and Dave Allen on his introduction to religion (video) and teaching a child how to tell the time (video). Just in case you have not seen the Andrew Wakefield comic.
Rebecca puts forward her two cents on the fluoridation “debate”, all spurred on by an issue of Hotpress.
She schools you on the National Health Federation, fluorosis, cancer rates in Ireland and the public good.
Irish Dental Assosciation Fluoride Supplement publication (PDF).

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