Episode 45 – The Flight of the Skeprechauns

Finn regales us with her tails of Convergence and she will be on an upcoming episode of Geeks without God.
Rebecca complains about the heat, as well as the confirmation the power of a good mass and of Ken Ring’s prognostications.
The abortion floodgates have been opened (or not…). One of our senators gets poetic.
Magdalene nuns refuse to contribute to the compensation fund, (the movie if your interested).
And finally some horseplay in Dail (video).

One thought on “Episode 45 – The Flight of the Skeprechauns

  1. I was the guy who recognized Finn’s voice at the panel discussion at CONvergence. I wish I would have known she was there doing more panels. Hope fun was had and hope you both could make it next year. I also did the decor for the Skepchick room and the Freethought Blogs room, so if you want a spot for flyers or stickers, let me know and I’ll get a display together.

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