Episode 46 – The Secret of the Skeprechauns

Finn once again makes us jealous with her awesome week: Keith Barry and Peter Turner, Civ VI and the Festival of Curiosity. Ireland to suffer from torandoes (or not…)? (not a Sharknado as discussed on SWAK), not even with Basking Sharks. We go all out on the bees, and identifying bees by their arses and the problems with oranges. And now Ireland officially has (incredibly restrictive) abortion laws. Now Rebecca knows about @ireland (oh and it is “curated”) and you all know about elephant teeth!

4 thoughts on “Episode 46 – The Secret of the Skeprechauns

  1. I appreciated the description of the experience of attending the mentalist show/presentation — and some of the techniques and the discussion of them.

    Best wishes and thank you both for the podcast/program.
    While I do not have evidence for this claim, I like to believe that listening to you discuss issues improves my perspective.

    As I am typing this I heard a presentation (about pulsar discovery) described as “incredible”. I feel about the use of “incredible” the way I think one of you described feeling about “awesome” and “super”. It must not have been incredible! If it was incredible one should not believe the presenter.
    Or, perhaps, was it that the use of awesome and super are viewed with distaste or regret because they are “American”?

    I enjoyed the flashback brought on by the Big Gay Al reference. I am 47 and it is often surprising when I check the date for things I remember. “That is not right! Oh wait, it is.” (September 3, 1997 on Comedy Central in the United States.)

    • heh, thanks for the feedback.. it’s always good o hear that people are enjoying the podcast.. that we’re not just talking into the void 🙂

      If you have a chance to check out Keith Barry, Darren Brown or Pete Turner, Do.. They put on a good show and it’s freaky how much they can deduce from you.

      And it was me who objected to the unending march of linguistic progression.. dag nammit..

      even though I use Super and Awesome far far too often.

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