Episode 54 – Camp Skeprechaun

Quick tribute to an awesome cat, Glitter and how George Hrab’s song Small Comfort (video) helped a lot. Would the Rainbow Bridge be like Cat Heaven in Earthworm Jim?

Finn talks about the idea of orphan drugs and she was going to talk about interviews but then decided against it…

Northern Ireland has a theatrical fail, why, oh why, oh why. All because we get “offended” so we have a chat about the Girl against Fluoride (shudder) and Panti. And then some parental rights, marriage equality and gay rights.

Our computers are haunted! The Postmodernism generator and going a little academically mad.

6 thoughts on “Episode 54 – Camp Skeprechaun

  1. condolences on loss of your moggy. as for what constitues cat heaven i’d lean towards any cat that manages to get a home where it’ssunny, warm, well fed and kept entertained by it’s human staff 🙂

    as for the panti debacle it might just unite the lgbt community enough to drag such a hateful organisation like iona into the light where it can be shown for the nasty operation it is.

    good show as always, thanks.

    • Well going on that Glitz lived in kitty heaven for 12 and a half good years 🙂

      There does seem to be mounting pressure on RTE since that woeful apology, a lot of people feeling that it is just another way their TV license money is being wasted. Also pointed out, quite rightly, that this casts a worrying light on how the referendum debates will be handled by our state television.

  2. Cats Rule, but Tabbys most of all.

    I read recently that cats can chose to ignore you when you call them, this means every time they do come, it’s because they wanted to.

    • Have to admit that made me well up a little, Glitz was a really responsive cat – the cutest thing she did we used to call “bearing” when she would sit up on her back legs and wave her front paws for attention. Pretty sure we will never stop missing her.

  3. Our female, Misty, will sit next to you and gently touch you on the arm when she wants attention, no claws, just a touch, and if I don’t get up early enough on weekends the male, Maxx, attacks the side of the bed, followed by, and I’m not joking, licking me on the eyebrows. Guaranteed to get me out of bed.

    • I’m loving all the cat stories! One of ours, Star, does a very similar thing to look for attention – it’s very sweet. Star loves washing my partner’s shaved head! It must have something to do with the length of the hair?
      Our other cat Loki is anything but subtle when he wants attention though. Runs around in the middle of the night squeaking until he is fed or cuddled, and will sit so close to you he could smother you! But he’s our cat so we love him anyway, he’s “helping” me write this by nuzzling and licking my hands…

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