Episode 23 – Skeprechauns in Space

Airdate May 2012. We’re Back! Yay… Did you miss us? We missed you! Here’s what’s in this week’s podcast: The Catholic Church (and the Church of Ireland!) are doing their best to drive people away from their religion. We also talked about David Robert Grimes’ article about the (non)evils of militant secularism… or something… We also wax lyrical about confirmation and communion in Irish schools. Rebecca’s neighbours were playing some incredibly LOUD music, so sorry for the backing track.. We check out Ingenious Ireland’s Science Map of Ireland… which features links about oldest footsteps and early work on seismic science. On the back of this we discover that Birr (in Offaly) is to get a new radio telescope – to join the older Rosse Telescope (or the Leviathan!) Finn gets VERY EXCITED about the idea of the building of an actual USS Enterprise? Rebecca is skeptical… (**side note.. I really do think a science bond is a REALLY GOOD IDEA) There’s a new bridge in Dublin and a petition to name to new bridge after Ireland’s Nobel Winner in Physics, ETS Walton. Did you know that www.science140.org is looking for 140 character tweets about science?! Sadly there is a measles outbreak in Cork, HSE encourages vaccination for all. Finn takes no pleasure in letting people know the symptoms. In good skeptic news, Skechers Shape-ups fall foul of advertising standards to the tune of $40 million!

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