Episode 26 – 50 Shades of Skeprechaun

Airdate 11 July 2012. In this podcast Rebecca gives us her opinion on the Giant’s Causeway and creationist controversy and reluctantly Finn agrees (after further thought finn definitely agrees.. just is sad that people still believe the earth is only 6k years old).. Ireland’s enduring long lasting irishshadesofgrey (will the sun ever shine again??)  but for those of you lucky enough to have that hydrogen explosion in the sky have you heard about sunscreen in pill form.. but no really? Finn makes English good (using perfectly cromulent words) whilst talking about ESOF and the weather Climate Scienctologists are a very different thing I would imagine! Finn claims unnamed bishop blames weather on gay marriage…(**I’m sure I read that online.. but now can’t find it.. so maybe my brain merged two stories together.. I don’t know..) We making passing reference to the Higgs, Rebecca remains confused and skeptical of “Comic Cerns” (it’s the way of the Future man.. the way of the future). Finn schools all yous out there on good presentation skills! (you do not need to fill up EVERY white space with text).. We just go onto basically brag about the awesome talks we are looking forward to over the next week (check out the program).. There’s this epically awesome convention in Minneapolis called CONvergence.. one of the founders has a new podcast out called “Geeks without God” – The first episode is about prometheus. Our next skeptical event: Martin Robins at Skeptics in the Exchange Dublin Science in the city which includes: Pop-up cinema, Lighthouse cinema, Alchemist Cafe, Mathsjam, Maker Fair, Science on the street, Ingenious Ireland and TOG all get on board with Science in the City Listen to Skeptics with a K for a fantastic piece on the slow self-inflicted death of homoeopathy Finn has decided that she has not enough things on her plate and is compiling a SkeptiCalendar of european events. More countries to be added soon (there are SO MANY European countries now). Also you have homework.. Go leave us a review on iTunes (or your portal of choice).. and if you are feeling very generous please donate a euro or two.. We will use it in a responsible skeptical manner.

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