Episode 27 – The Dark Skeprechaun Rises

Airdate 26 July 2012. We gave a shout out to the Dick Turpin Road Show at the start of the show and then we totally geek out about ESOF2012, starting off with the amazing lady who is J.Bell Burnell. The quality of the speakers was superb with people from Jules Hoffman’s talk on immunology to a panel on exoplanets. Mary Robinson and Climate Justice, myths about nuclear power, smoking and GMO with a GMO tangent, oh my! The future archeology of radioactive waste and delicious food chemistry! including note by note food. Science meets art, artefacts and museums. We got to meet up with more Irish bloggers and also met some science journalists, and we talked about the science communication conundrum… Finn also made it to an early morning panel on the science of probiotics, which was kind of interesting. Also… the ultimate science communication physics job in Ireland and a new blogger The Altagonist. And then we talked about that rat jellyfish before we weigh in on the America versus Europe skeptic debate. The girls say “Fascinating” and “Interesting” a lot!

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