Episode 28 – Attack of the Giant Skeprechauns

Airdate 15 August 2012. Welcome to our new home.. This week Finn discussed how research for her application for a Masters in Science Communication lead her to find out things about former constellations (Oh Flamingo.. we hardly knew ye). Which led to Rebecca discussing the naming madness in minerals and stratigraphy… Finn WILL NEVER get a pop culture reference. Rebecca should just stop trying. And yes Bex does know it’s Professor Farnsworth not Professor Frink. The girls start talking about the Mars Rover and Rebecca derails the conversation into Star Trek… and then we get back to Mars. Guardian Science podcast on Mars adventures. We talk meteor showers and spotted slugs. What’s going on in the South Pacific?? GIANT rafts of pumice is what’s going on! No really… From big pumice to big corn. We talk Religion and Ireland… Ken Ham in Belfast from belfastskeptics.com. And Jesus appears in a tree stump. We reference the latest shitstorm. Basically everyone should listen to Mick Nugent. And one more reference to 50 Shades of Grey with some spoilers!

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