Episode 29 – Night of the Living Skeprechauns

Airdate 04 September 2012. Rebecca had a bad day… and then started raving about Macs and urinary tract references… We take a moment to ignore all the reproductive madness in the US of A and a more important moment to remember Neil Armstrong. Finn pays tribute to Neil on her own blog. Helen Keen’s “It IS Rocket Science”. The girls like dinosaurs, space and prehistoric flying mammals! Sun is like *super* round. Quick review of Total Recall – one or two minor spoilers? Talk of mummies and tattoos! With a diversion into bog body discussions. Daily Mail reports on Neanderthals speaking. More Autism bull… and see it properly debunked. Science is Delicious tasty tasty recipes. Make Shop in Dublin. Dublin Skeptics in the Pub Facebook group. 1000 influential women speakers (me & Rebecca made the cut… we will speak for food). MSc in Science Communication or a Diploma in Holistic Therapies? Listen to SWAK for the 411 on homeopathy.

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